for Assisting in Stolen Vessel Recovery




Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey (USA) – Win-Tron Electronics is pleased to announce that it has agreed to distribute GOST’s Nav-Tracker 1.0/2.0 GPS Tracking System.


Nav-Tracker will keep you informed of your boat’s location through a GPS tracking service provided by the new Inmarsat Isat M2M service (Inmarsat D+ service for the Nav-Tracker 1.0). This extremely reliable service, formerly used exclusively by commercial vessels, is now available to the private boat owner.

When armed, the system passively sets a 500 meter geo-fence (radius) around the vessel. In the event the geo-fence is breached, as many as 8 recipients you designate will receive an email and/or text message displaying the vessel name, its location in latitude and longitude, the closest city, its speed and heading. The unit will also send a daily status report with the same information. Optional sensors are also available.

“This product is becoming very popular with boaters because it provides an unmatched level of security,” said Eddie Winder, Senior Vice President of Win-Tron Electronics. “If your boat is stolen, Nav-Tracker will be able to provide authorities with the exact location of your vessel so it can be easily and quickly recovered. It’s like LoJack for boats. Many insurance companies encourage its purchase with discounts,” he added.

GOST of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is the exclusive marine distributor for GOST Security Systems, the manufacturer of the Marine Magellan Boat Security and Vessel Monitoring System. GOST Security Systems is an international company that has been manufacturing security products since 1989. They are a leader in the wireless security industry.

For more information about Nav-Tracker 2.0 and other GOST boat security, monitoring and tracking products, visit www.gostglobal.com or call 1+(954) 565-9898.

GOST – 3403 NW 9th Avenue – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

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Product News release prepared by Home Port Marine Marketing.