FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST – formerly Paradox Marine) has released the newest version of the GOST Watch yacht surveillance system. The system turns any smart phone or offsite computer into a remote monitor that displays live images from onboard security cameras.

GOST Watch users can watch live video of their yacht to see who is on board or docked next to their boat, be alerted if temperature changes beyond pre-set level, or capture video off alarm events from the Marine Magellan Security & Monitoring system. The GOST Watch system broadcasts the video off the boat thru a GSM Data terminal, or a globally capable Vsat solution from companies such as KVH.

“This new interface is even more intuitive for our clients to use while allowing the use of custom Widgets for designing the look of various displays on the site. It is very simple to create custom rules that can easily be programmed for personalized control and viewing of their yacht,” said GOST Director of Research & Development Brian Kane.


GOST Watch Features

  • Cameras for live remote video monitoring
  • Tie into any existing Analog cameras on board thru GOST Watch A/D Converters
  • Temperature sensors alerts for salon, engine room, and bait/storage freezers

For more information about Nav-Tracker 2.0 and other GOST boat security, monitoring and tracking products, visit or call 1+(954) 565-9898.

GOST – 3403 NW 9th Avenue – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

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Product News release prepared by Home Port Marine Marketing.