With the GOST™ Watch HD System, you can keep an eye on your boat when you’re not there and be alerted to events.

Remotely monitor all activities on board – or around your boat – from any computer or Smartphone, anywhere in the world. Watch live video of your boat and set cameras to record clips to the GOST Watch HD web site based on motion detection. The system will send you those clips as emails or text messages to be viewed right on your computer or Smartphone. The website will also store these clips, to be viewed at a later date. The optional GOST Watch HD IVR 1TB can be easily be added to record up to 6 cameras for up to 90 days of continuous recording using an advanced MPEG4 data compression.

Clips alerting you to what’s happening when you’re away can be really useful if your boat is docked at a busy marina. Dinged bow railings and chipped fiberglass are common occurrences at a marina after docking mishaps. Often these events remain unaccounted for, causing the owner to pay repairs out of their own pocket.

Watch the video below to see how GOST Watch HD accurately captures marina traffic directly around your vessel.

GOST Watch HD can be used as a stand alone surveillance system or as part of the GOST Insight HD System. A variety of cameras are available from GOST or the system can be easily added to existing analog or thermal cameras on board.

More info: www.gostglobal.com or call 1+954.565.9898.