FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST – formally Paradox Marine) will introduce the next generation GOST Phantom Wireless Security & Monitoring System with built in quad band GPRS/GSM Module at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 27–31 (Electronics Tent, booth 385, Bahia Mar).

GOST Phantom replaces the GOST Phantom head unit but will maintain compatibility with the full line of GOST wireless security & monitoring sensors, GOST Inmarsat Satellite GPS Tracking & GOST Watch Surveillance systems.

“GOST Phantom takes the core functionality, reliability, and ease of use from our legacy Marine Magellan while adding greater capabilities, more salient consumer features and an alluring style. This gives boat owners true peace of mind while away from or when sleeping aboard their boat,” said Brian Kane, GOST Director of Research and Development.

GOST Phantom has a completely revamped sleek black design, a crisp blue LCD screen and many enhanced capabilities – including the ability to report simultaneously via text message as well as traditional two-way voice. The unit can support up to 64 wireless sensors for security and monitoring and eight wireless relays to control virtually any AC/DC functions on board. Some of the wireless monitoring options available include high water in the bilge, battery bank low voltage, loss of shore power, temperatures in bait/food freezers, smoke, intrusion and much more.

Marinized wireless deck pressure sensors, door/hatch sensors, dual optical passive infrared motion sensors and pull sensors alert to intrusion or potential theft of a vessel. Relays can be programmed to activate a siren and flashing lights when a sensor is triggered to get would-be thieves off a boat immediately. When an event occurs, GOST Phantom will contact up to eight phone numbers with a voice and/or text message letting you know the vessel’s status and the event that has occurred. Key fob control allows for easy arming/disarming and display the system’s status using visual (LED) and auditory feedback. The unit also allows for independent arming/disarming of two separate partitions such as main quarters & crew/utility quarters on the vessel, offering two independent security systems in one.

GOST Phantom owners can remotely call in from any phone to check the status, arm/disarm the system, control output switches, leave voice mail messages for friends and crew or call in to have two way conversations with those on board through the unit’s hands free built-in speaker phone. The unit can also be set to discreetly make calls when certain user codes are entered to disarm the system so owners know exactly who is on board the vessel and when they are there (up to 16 users).