Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) –Boat security systems supplier GOST has introduced a analog to digital (A/D) converter to enable yacht owners and captains to view images captured by onboard CCTV surveillance cameras over the Internet.


The new A/D converter (inset in photo at left) connects to the GOST WatchMate yacht monitoring system, which enables monitoring of conditions on board from anywhere on a PC or mobile phone with Internet access.

“Many boats already have surveillance cameras on board, but the signal is analog so there’s no way to view the images remotely. Our new A/D converter solves this problem,” said Jay Keenan, GOST Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

GOST Watch, introduced at the Miami International Boat Show earlier this year, allows users to watch live video of their yacht, be alerted if temperature rises above a pre-set level, if water is detected in bilge or living areas, if motion is detected in a private area, or even if the yacht loses shore power.

The system is virtually plug n’ play and easy to set up.

GOST Watch features:

  • Cameras for live video monitoring from anywhere (cabin & deck available)
  • Water sensors for bilge and living areas
  • Temperature sensors for salon & engine room
  • Motion & door sensors to secure your yacht when you’re away
  • Power controls for lighting, HVAC and appliances
  • Sirens alert you when sensors are triggered
  • Battery backup alerts you when shore power is lost
  • Provides internet access for remote email

For more information about GOST Watch and other GOST boat security, monitoring and tracking products, visit or call 1+(954) 565-9898.

GOST – 3403 NW 9th Avenue – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Product News release prepared by Home Port Marine Marketing.