FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies) recently took its marine security, monitoring, satellite tracking, video surveillance, acoustic deterrent, and cloaking systemsto the road by partnering with EarthRoamer to protect their XV-LT XpeditionVehicle (XV) with the GOST Insight HD GPS IVR EarthRoamer package custom designed to meet the needs of EarthRoamer customers. GOST products have been designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh marine environment and provide boat owners with peace of mind. These elements have made GOST systems an ideal solution to protect and monitor various types of assets in harsh environments, such as the EarthRoamer XV-LT which is designed ground-up for all weather, rough road, and stand-alone operation.The EarthRoamer XV-LT features high quality marine-grade components, innovative technologies, advanced engineering, and cutting edge design, making it the most successful Xpedition Vehicle (XV) design in the world.

“EarthRoamer is proud to partner with vendors who provide cutting edge technology, furthering our leadership position in our industry. Using GOST products, we were able to design and install a custom security surveillance solution that allows the customer to monitor multiple cameras from a remote location, as well as receive notifications if any alarms are triggered. The system provides unparalleled security and peace of mind, even when the vehicle islocated in another part of the world,” said Tyler Tatro, President and COO of EarthRoamer.

EarthRoamer designs and builds the world’s bestselling expedition vehicle – the EarthRoamer XV-LT. Hand built by craftsman in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, EarthRoamer XV-LTs enable adventurers to travel far off the beaten path in unparalleled safety and comfort.More information is available at, on the EarthRoamer Facebook page, or by calling 303-833-7330. EarthRoamer is a Registered Trademark of Xpedition Vehicle Service, LLC, a Colorado Limited Liability Company.

The GOST Insight HD GPS IVR EarthRoamer package provides remote security, monitoring, tracking, and video surveillance for the EarthRoamer XV-LT. The systemwill call/text up to eight phone numbers to alert owners in the event of intrusion, low battery voltage, or smoke in the vehicle, with the addition of a pull sensor to secure toys like mountain bikes, motor cycles, and anything else left outside of the vehicle.  Up to eight wireless relays can be added to the system to control any AC or DC function with a key fob or remotely over the phone. Insight’s High Definition surveillance offers local and remote access to the vehicle’s cameras using the GOST Watch HD iPhone and Android apps. Users can also log into the GOST Watch HD customer web site to watch live streaming video from the vehicle and view recorded snapshots. The system will also send recorded clips to designated recipients via text messages or email in the event that the cameras detect motion when the system is armed. The included GOST Nav-Tracker GPS tracking system utilizes the Inmarsat Satellite Constellation to provide two-way communication with the system via email and text, anywhere in the world except the extreme poles. In addition to tracking the vehicle, the GOST Nav-Tracker will also set a 500-meter geo-fence around the vehicle when armed and will send emails/text messages to up to 10 recipients when if the vehicle is moved outside of its geo-fence when the system is armed.

For more information about GOST marine security, tracking, monitoring, video surveillance and acoustic deterrence products, visit or call 1+954.565.9898.