freedom-fighters-2October 11, 2016
Marine Security Leader Helps Raise Awareness and Aid for Injured Service Veterans

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies), celebrating its 10th year as a world leader in marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems, announced today its sponsorship of Freedom Fighters Outdoors (FFO) recent event in Montauk, New York.

FFO’s goal is to raise awareness and seek public aid for services and activities that meet the needs of our Nation’s injured service veterans and their families. The group facilitates once-in-a-lifetime outdoor activities to honor and empower injured veterans. These activities help those who have sacrificed to protect our nation and aid in their transition from the armed services to civilian life.

Brian Kane, director of research and development, and founding partner of GOST became freedom-fighters-1involved with Freedom Fighters Outdoors in 2013 when GOST first sponsored the organization’s Lighthouse Point fishing trip. A passionate advocate for our Nation’s veterans, Kane volunteers time and solicits donations for the FFO events.

“GOST is in the security business, which finds us regularly working closely with active and retired service members,” said Kane. “Founded by Vinnie and Sarah LaSorsa, Freedom Fighters Outdoors is a non-profit that focuses on using private fishing trips to bring joy, rehabilitation, and comradery to give peace to our injured veterans. The Montauk excursion is a particularly amazing event with many businesses and individuals in the tight knit community donating their time, products and energy. This year we had 23 veterans in attendance for the four-day event. I cannot think of a more worthwhile partnership for the GOST team and we intend to continue our active participation in these events in the future.”

freedom-fighters-4FFO organizes four trips a year, each with up to five volunteer private fishing boats, and covers all housing, food and travel expenses. Operating out of the ports of Montauk, New York and Lighthouse Point, Florida, Vinnie LaSorsa starts each event with a dinner the night before the fishing excursion. After a good breakfast the next morning, the warriors cast off for their day of adventure. Later that afternoon, awards and products that were donated from sponsoring partners are given out. On the second day of fishing, the boat crews are alternated, giving everyone the opportunity to develop new relationships.

“When our guests come back from one of our excursions, their smiles are as big as the fish they have caught,” said LaSorsa. “The professional volunteer boat crews run the on-board operations. At the end of the day, the crews filet the fish for the guests to take home with them. It is a great escape from the trials and tribulations of their lives. We truly enjoy giving back to the soldiers who give up so much for us and are able to do so through the support of companies like GOST.”

For more information about Freedom Fighters Outdoors and how to donate to their next event this November in Lighthouse Point, FL, visit For more information on GOST and its full line of security products, contact or visit

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