The three-year circumnavigation of the Leonard family – Scott, Mandi, Griffin, Jake and Luke – aboard their Lagoon 500 Three Little Birds is being tracked by a GOST Nav-Tracker GPS Tracking System.
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – A Nav-Tracker GPS tracking system from boat security systems supplier Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST – formerly Paradox Marine) is monitoring the progress of Three Little Birds, a Lagoon 500 catamaran, on a unique three-year circumnavigation.

The progress of Three Little Birds can be viewed on the GOST web site at: gostglobal.com/world-arc-boat-tracking-mobile-ceo.htm.

Boat captain Scott Leonard and his family (wife Mandi, sons Griffin, Jake and Luke) set sail in July and during the voyage, Scott is “The Mobile CEO” – running his multi-million dollar financial services firm while sailing around the world.

GOST Nav-Tracker can be used to track a vessel (or an entire fleet) from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. A boat’s precise voyage and exact location can be viewed (see image, above) and as new reports come in from the Nav-Tracker, they are automatically updated to the site.

When a Nav-Tracker transmitter is mounted on a vessel and armed, a wireless ‘geo-fence’ with a 500-meter radius is created. If a boat is moved outside of this fence, Nav-Tracker uses Inmarsat based GPS satellite technology to monitor a boat’s location and notify up to ten people by email and/or text message every 2 minutes with the exact latitude/longitude, speed and heading of the vessel.

For more information about the Leonard family and the voyage of Three Little Birds, visit www.threelittlebirds.org.