March 22, 2017

Track of Drifting VesselFort Lauderdale, Fla. – GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies), a world leader in marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems, announced today that its Nav-Tracker 1.0 was instrumental in the targeted recovery of a 350LX Everglades center console.

A tender for a larger yacht, the center console was under tow on its way back from the Bahamas in the early Monday morning hours approximately 25 miles east of Miami.

Due to heavy seas, the towline severed and the boat went adrift with the crew unable to safely replace the towline. Using the Nav-Tracker 1.0’s two-way Global Inmarsat based tracking system, GOST worked with the owner and crew, to remotely and automatically update position reports every five minutes. The boat began an average 2-knot northerly drift. The yacht crew contacted Steel Towing of Fort Lauderdale to coordinate the recovery of the vessel in concert with the incoming gps tracks. The boat was located intact and undamaged drifting exactly where broadcasted, 23 nautical miles east of Fort Lauderdale. The turnaround time from tow release to recovery was under eight hours.

“The GOST Nav-Tracker performed exactly as advertised and provided our asset’s precise location for a coordinated recovery,” said Bryan Gentry, owner. “Not only did we get our boat back without damage, but we were able to avoid a costly salvage operation to find it.”

“Our team was given constant automated alerts with updated positions from the GOST Nav-Tracker,” said Jim Steel, owner, Steel Towing. “It was a really rough offshore and there is absolutely no doubt that we would not have been able to find it without those updates.”

“It is amazing how common it is for boats to break free while under tow in rough sea conditions where immediate retrieval is not an option,” said Brian Kane, chief technology officer, GOST. “Having a discreet way of globally tracking our clients’ maritime assets is a wise investment. We are relieved that our Nav-Tracker 1.0 could bring this situation to a rapid, targeted and positive conclusion.”

Track of Drifting Vessel

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