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GOST Watch HD XVRFort Lauderdale, Fla. – GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies) leader in marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems, announced today the release of its next generation security video solution, the GOST Watch HD XVR.

This next generation all-in-one video recording system is compatible with up to eight 1080P analog cameras and/or ONVIF protocol IP cameras, and is capable of saving up to 3 months of the highest resolution footage with its four terabyte hard drive. The new hardware comes complete with TLS/SSL encryption and is encoded with H.264 Advanced Video Coding designed specifically to capture and store video aboard the modern yacht. Footage can be accessed locally on board the boat for viewing and downloading to a computer or USB thumb drive, or remotely via the GOST Watch HD XVR app or website.

The New GOST Watch HD XVR apps for iOS and Google Play phones and tablets offers users simple access to live video streaming from onboard cameras, review of stored footage, and push notifications of preprogramed motion events. It includes a newly designed interface for accessing stored video footage quickly and easily. If Internet connectivity is lost or interrupted, users can also review footage via HDMI or VGA outputs on a boat’s TV or multifunction display (MFD).

“To give our customers the best security systems possible, we constantly enhance the capabilities of our software and hardware,” said Robert Yoder, director of research and development, GOST. “From streamlining the user interface at lower bandwidths to increasing memory and resolution, our latest GOST Watch HD XVR offers boat owners the most cutting-edge security technology available. When it comes to the situational awareness of our client’s vessels, GOST takes no chances and neither should you.”

Video files are stored on the GOST Watch HD XVR system at the highest resolution produced. For a maximum of eight cameras, the frame rate can be reduced slightly to ensure required capacity. In cases where there is little activity in view of the camera being recorded, maximum storage may be increased through the use of H.264 compression. Connected directly, the GOST Watch HD XVR will collect video without using the bandwidth from onboard cellular or satellite-based Internet connections.

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About GOST:

GOST® – Global Ocean Security Technologies – offers a full line of state-of-the-art wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking, and surveillance, acoustic deterrent and cloaking systems for any size vessel. GOST systems are designed to protect against theft, fire, smoke, high water, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion and notify boat owners and crew immediately when an event occurs on board. As the global leader in marine security technology, our personalized service and innovative technology provides boat owners with complete peace of mind from anywhere in the world. GOST is Always Watching – Never Seen®