Marine security, tracking and monitoring products supplier GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies) recently hosted their leading marine electronics dealers at the company’s 7th annual technical training and sales seminar at the Bahia Mar Resort and Marina in Fort Lauderdale.

The one-day seminar featured an overview of the GOST product line, the introduction of new products and company integrations with FLIR and KVH products. The seminar also featured a live demonstration of a complete GOST system aboard Phantom, a 62 Azimut, where dealers experienced the GOST Cloak deterrent system first-hand.

“Having our core dealers well trained on our products is extremely important, because they are the first point of contact for yacht owners and captains with GOST products on board,” said GOST Operations Manager Nicole Lorenzi.

The seminar also featured a yacht security briefing by security expert Tony Sparks of Phantom Services. Sparks discussed the importance of an overall vessel protection strategy and plan in conjunction with GOST theft deterrence systems

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