Early Warning System For Yachts, Superyachts“Early Warning” alarms exist for all systems aboard yachts. Ask yourself, why then is there not an effective “Early Warning” system to detect, and protect against undetected intruders approaching from above, or below the water. There is now… The LSN was developed to address these very important issues, along with the ability to provide several other critical Life Safety functions.

For perimeter protection the LSN utilizes state-of-the-art Command & Control Software. Software allows for the crew to easily configure designated “Early Warning Protection Zones”. The “Protection Zone” is patrolled by a state of the art, high speed (60 rpm) Radaror Sonar. What makes theLSN unique is our Command & Control Software, which when combined with our Radar allows for continuous locked-on tracking of multiple fast moving targets (rib boat, wave runners, swimmers, etc.). Once Locked on, the crew will be able to determine the extent of the threat by utilizing locked on CCD /Thermal imaging cameras, or other devices.In addition,non-lethal components such as Searchlights, lasers, acoustic deterrents, etc. can be integrated by our Command & Control software into the locked on tracking mode.

“It is Important to Know About A Situation Before it Exists”