FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies) of the US has appointed CA Clase to distribute the company’s range of marine security, monitoring, tracking and surveillance systems in the United Kingdom.

Headquartered in Waterlooville, Hants, CA Clase has been a leading UK distributor of premium communication, navigation and entertainment electronics since 1995.

CA Clase will be distributing GOST’s complete range of wireless security, monitoring, tracking, surveillance, acoustic deterrent and cloaking systems, including the following.

GOST NT Evolution 2.0
The GOST NT Evolution 2.0 wireless marine security, monitoring and Inmarsat satellite-based tracking system with global remote accessibility provides global arm/disarm and relay control, with the reassurance of a battery back-up. The NT-Evolution 2.0 can accommodate up to 5 wireless relays and 64 wireless security and monitoring sensors, offering owners and captains complete protection and peace of mind from anywhere in the world for their most valuable assets. The GOST wireless water resistant relays allow control of any AC or DC function on board and can be set to activate other devices such as external sirens, strobes, deck or cockpit lights when the system goes into alarm.

The GOST Insight HD GPS Wireless Marine Security, Monitoring, Satellite Tracking & High Definition Surveillance System is designed to call up to 8 phone numbers to alert owners in the event of high water in the bilge, low battery voltage, loss of shore power, smoke or intrusion on the vessel. GOST Insight HD surveillance offers local and remote access to cameras on the vessel, using any computer with an internet connection or smart phone. The system can also record snap shots and video clips to the website in the event of motion detection, or a specific event and send text messages or emails with the clip to users.

NEW! GOST Watch HD With KVH® TracPhone Packages
The GOST Watch HD system offers remote video surveillance and monitoring of all activities onboard the vessel from anywhere in the world over the internet, using the GOST Watch HD website and iPhone/Android apps. Cameras can be set to record clips to the website based on motion detection and will send video clips to any computer or smart phone via email. The GOST Watch HD IVR 1TB can be added to record up to 6 cameras for up to 90 days* of continuous recording using an advanced MPEG4 data compression. The new GOST Watch HD KVH TracPhone Packages include everything offered in the original GOST Watch HD system and also provide high definition surveillance using a high speed internet connection through the KVH line of mini-VSAT Broadband? systems, along with a GSM/CDMA cellular data communicator for use when in cellular coverage areas. The KVH TracPhone V-Series line has the ability for a pre-configured intelligent “best use” network management switch that will automatically prioritize cellular data via the GOST G3G-GSM communicator when inside cellular range.

*The GOST Watch HD IVR 1TB utilizes an advanced MPEG compression whereby the more activity you have in front of the camera being recorded, the more storage space it utilizes. When landscapes in view of the camera have little activity, the IVR may have storage capacity for more than 90 days. In very high activity applications, such as cameras looking out at a busy marina with constant shimmering water in view, recording time may be diminished.