Boat Alarms Nigeria, South Africa, AfricaThe NEW GOST Watch HD IVR (Internet Video Recorder) is similar to a traditional DVR with the added advantage of being accessible either locally or remotely via the internet. The 4 Terabyte IVR utilize an advanced custom H.264 / MJPEG4 dual codec decoding compression. The IVR is capable of storing the video from 8 cameras / devices at 20 frames per second for up to 90 days. For a maximum of 8 cameras, the frame rate will be reduced dynamically to a slightly lower frame rate. In cases where there is little activity in view of the camera being recorded, the maximum storage may actually be increased due to the use of H.264 compression. Recording time may be diminished in very high activity applications, such as cameras looking out at a busy marina with constant shimmering water in view.